The AceTones Rock Worth!
August 2004

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The Filthy Looney Tones!

And now with all 3 members of the Filthy Mittens

Mark and Jeff

John and Lenny with Ron doing a great job on a Spot The Looney classic.

John making my Telecaster sing!

Outdoor music in the Summertime

Jen finally has arrived!

You can never have too many guitars!

Anyone can stand on a stage monitor - it takes a real pro to stand on a rear bumper and not miss a note!

Probably the best this guitar has ever sounded!

Lenny doing a solo acoustic number.

Mark and Jen with backing by Bobby


Lenny belting one out.

Ron and Lenny

Jen joins The Filthy Mittens

Megan has finally arrived!

The IndiGLO Girls!

Mary Jo and Jeanne

How many verses to Hotel California do you remember?

Mark trying out John's Strat

Mustang Sally!

What's the next verse?

The AceTones cranking one out...

...and the crowd goes wild!

Ron, John, and Keith

Megan on Lead Vocals

Maybe they're laughing because they're wearing rope belts?

Sing it, Ladies!

Rocking into the twilight.

Mark in a rare moment stepping away from his
sheet music.

Keith letting the front line take all the glory.

Whatever she's saying, she's cracking Ron up!

Guitar solo!

Mark getting a fresh beer from Bill.

Jeff sporting Jen's bra as headgear!

The view from the neighbor's.

The neighbors were impressed.

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