Bedroom Remodel
May - Aug. 2005

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The closet before demolition. The sawzall is sitting on top of the drawers.
A better view. The closet runs full-length left to right. Behind it is the coat closet accessed from the living room, and the linen closet accessed from the hallway.
All drywall removed and hauled out. (14 bags of it) I removed one stud in the middle of the back of the bedroom closet wall. The un-carpeted area in the coat closet is the approximate area that will become part of the bedroom closet.
The layout of the changes. (Not quite to scale) Now instead of one long closet rod left to right, I will have three areas that I can double-bar if I want. I will probably double bar two of them and leave the third for long hanging, shoe racks, and shelves.
All drywall is now removed. The garbage guy is going to hate me by June!
Not sure why the left side of this wall is framed this way. It's almost as if the wall was originally further in the bedroom and got moved back, but I don't see how this is possible.
Temporary headboard so I can watch TV. This is leftover from the back of Chris' cabinet - Thanks Chris!
The right side of this wall backs up the closet in the office. Unfortunately, it's framed "on the flat". This was probably done to save space in the 2nd bedroom - wow, a whole 2 inches saved! This is bad for me because I want to put an outlet on that side of the bed. So I have to tear that part of the wall down and reframe it. Which means I have to take all my clothes out of that closet temporarily! Yikes! I just moved it all in there!! And, since it's a load-bearing wall, I have to support the ceiling with a temporary wall while I do it. Just when I thought this project might not go beyond what I originally planned! Why is it every project always turns into more than expected??
All new framing for the closet is done. Ready for drywall, trying to decide if I need a light in the closet now. With the door now lower, light won't penetrate from the room. I am also changing the bedroom lights, so I probably will.
I am going to put 4 of these in the room, one about 2' from each corner. The ceiling fan will not have a light fixture on it. They also have this same style fixture that wall mounts with a plug in cord and dimmer switch. I may put one or two of those above the bed as reading lights.
This all gives new meaning to the term "open floor plan"!
Had to hack away a bunch of the office closet. At least it's something I won't have to do later when I do that room.
Three coats of mud.
Over 750 square feet of drywall, approximately 6 gallons of drywall compound. And I still have to paint?!?!
A view of the new closet configuration.
The new lights and ceiling fan. Interesting picture - the fan is on, it made it look like you can see the light through the blade. There are 4 lights, but it might not be bright enough. I may have to add two later.
Painting is finally finished!! Now I have to do all the trim carpentry - crown molding, baseboards, etc.
I still haven't decided if this is enough light or not. I'll wait till the carpet is installed, it may lighten the room some.
Closets are nearly finished. All rods are installed, have to make some shelves for shoe storage, and add a laundry basket for dirty clothes. Left side is single long-hanging. Middle is double-hung for shirts. Right side is single bar at the top for more shirts, with shoes below.
Finally done!! And the White Sox are now winning! Three dressers from Ikea. Arrived at the store at 10:20a.m., picked them out, went downstairs, found a cart, found the aisle and bin, loaded them, stopped to get a frying pan, paid for them, stopped to by some sweets, went outside, walked to truck, pulled truck into loading area, loaded everything in, pulled out of parking lot at 11:02a.m. See, Margaret & Chris?!? It is possible!!!
At the bottom of the middle dresser you can see where I put the heat vent. I had to put a false bottom in the dressers, then wood pieces to direct the air flow, then bought an oak vent. It works great.
Not a view I'll see often - the bed is made! The reading lights match the ceiling fixtures.
A better view of the headboard and nightstands I made. It occurred to me tonight that these are the first pieces I've ever made for myself! The headboard was designed from scratch, the nightstands are copies of what I had, but I needed to replicate them in oak to match.
It's hard to see the carpet in all these pictures, but it's slate gray, and looks great. I picked the color in under 5 minutes! Same for the paint colors. In the full-size of this you can see how good the faux paint looks with the trim around it.
The closet doors turned out nice despite the warping that happened when I applied the finish. I didn't like the white metal track that they hang in, so I made a piece of oak trim to hide it.
Left side of the closet. I originally planned on having the dirty clothes basket on the right side, but it's easier to throw clothes into it on the left. I plan to add a belt & tie rack, and a hat rack.
The middle and right side. There are four shoe shelves. The chair fit, and I needed something to put my foot on when tieing my shoes.

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