Glider Flying at Hinckley
September 25, 1999

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Hinckley2_PIC00001.jpg Hinckley2_PIC00002.jpg
Two Schweizer 2-33's waiting for their tows.
Hinckley2_PIC00003.jpg Hinckley2_PIC00004.jpg
My Dad and I after my first rides.
Hinckley2_PIC00005.jpg Hinckley2_PIC00015.jpg
Hinckley2_PIC00016.jpg Hinckley2_PIC00006.jpg
On tow, doing 60 kts. at 200 ft.
Hinckley2_PIC00007.jpg Hinckley2_PIC00008.jpg
Hinckley2_PIC00009.jpg Hinckley2_PIC00010.jpg
A hazy view of the town of Hinckley, IL. Just southeast of the field.
Hinckley2_PIC00011.jpg Hinckley2_PIC00012.jpg
Abreast of the field, on downwind.
Hinckley2_PIC00013.jpg Hinckley2_PIC00014.jpg
Starting the base turn. On base leg.
Hinckley2_PIC00018.jpg Hinckley2_PIC00020.jpg
Hinckley2_PIC00021.jpg Hinckley2_PIC00022.jpg
Dad piloting 39H.

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