New Shed / Garage Reside
May - Aug. 2004

In 2004 I decided to finally do something about the rusted out steel shed. I tore it down and with help from a few friends I built a new one from scratch.  
Once that was complete, it looked so good it made the garage look bad.  So I decided to reside that in vinyl to match.  That required that I first tear off the aluminum siding. That was put up over foam board, so I then put all new plywood on the exterior walls before doing the vinyl.  I then finished off both buildings with aluminum soffits and gutters.

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The original shed had electric fed from the garage.  It also had a foundation around the perimeter but not a complete floor.  For the new floor, I dug out some dirt and then filled in with gravel.  I then built a pressure-treated standard floor with 2x6 joists and plywood.
Note the windows in the garage.
The size of the shed was determined by the foundation.  I made it tall enough so I could stand anywhere in it without hitting my head.  I designed the entire structure myself.
Here it is a few weeks later, fully enclosed and roofed.
The gable vent was intended to keep the heat inside down.  It also meant on windy days the doors wanted to pop open from the pressure.
This was the first time I did roof shingles myself.
Plenty of room inside for lawn and garden tools.
Three weeks later, the shed is complete.
You can see here how the old siding on the garage looked bad in comparison.
I quickly learned that the bare ground next to the white siding meant that the first rain resulted in dirty siding.  So I added a decorative rock border.  
The completed garage.  I did one wall at a time, since I was still using it every day and I needed to keep my stuff secure.
After this was done and I finally had gutters on the garage, I had a new cement apron poured. This one had disintegrated from the freeze/thaw of the water runoff from the roof since the apron got very little sun in the winter.
The new shed and resided garage now match.

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