Storm Damage
October 2, 2006

Click on any picture to open a slideshow. Once there, you can click the link in the caption for the full-size picture.

This is behind and to the west of me by 2 houses. This tree came down on the garage, taking her power line with it.

This is behind to the east by 2 houses. Mostly back here wasn't too bad.

Big branch from next door's front tree that took out their gate. What you can't see is the branch that ended up on the
other side of the fence after it bounced off the hood of the neighbor's brand new car.

This is what originally came down in the street right in front of my driveway.

Here's where it came from. If you click for the full-size, look at the power pole that burned.

These came down in the street and hit the neighbor's truck, cracking the windshield and breaking the antenna.

More branches from the neighbor's tree. After the cross street, by the light pole, that tree lost about 1/4 of it's branches.


This is what it looked like in the morning. It was way worse after everyone cleaned up. The stack on the left is a fence that was completely destroyed.

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