Travel Air E-4000
TravelAir_ta1 Pictures don't do justice to the beauty of this airplane. I'm partial to these colors because of my admiration of the Navy's Blue Angels.
Standing here at Pioneer with the biplanes and Ford Tri-Motor sitting parked next to the grass strip, it's easy to imagine you're at a small airport in the 1930's. TravelAir_ta3
TravelAir_taview Looking north up US41. The blue-roofed building is the outlet mall directly across from the EAA museum. 
The view out the left side, looking southwest. TravelAir_taview2
TravelAir_taview3 This is a forward view as we head into Pioneer from the west. The concrete strip is Runway 09 at Wittman Regional Airport. Pioneer is just to the right of the group of trees.
Here's a picture of my dad in the front seat getting ready for his first ride in the Travel Air in 1997. TravelAir_dadta2
TravelAir_dadta3 .After a few flights you appreciate how difficult a skill parking a taildragger is - the forward view is completely obstructed. The pilot must rely on his view to the sides. Here, Bill prepares to expertly turn and park the Travel Air after my dad's flight.
The smile on my dad's face and spring in his step are self-explanatory after his ride in the open air.  After this I knew what my reaction must have looked like after I took my first ride in her. TravelAir_dadta1