Pioneer Airport

Located adjacent to the Experimental Aircraft Association's AirVenture Museum in Oshkosh, WI., Pioneer Airport features six hangers of antique aircraft.  Walking among the displays, you get transported back to the very early days of aviation, when pilots were true pioneers.  Flying with little or no instrumentation, their airplanes were constructed mostly of wood and fabric.


I've been a frequent visitor to Oshkosh for several years, and have had the opportunity to fly in numerous airplanes.
gullwing1 This is a Stinson "Gullwing". Considered a luxurious plane in it's day, the interior is covered in leather and is very spacious. With it's large wing surface area, it flies very smoothly. It's a nice plane to take a leisurely flight on a sunny day.  This plane is no longer on flying status.
This is a Stinson SM-32 monocoupe. I've only flown in this plane a couple times because the interior is kind of small and not as comfortable as the others. This plane is no long on flying status. stinson1
redwaco1 This beauty is a 1937 Waco YKS-7 cabin class biplane. Given my affinity for biplanes, when this plane was put on flying status after being donated to the EAA in 1997, I just had to take a ride. I love looking out the window and seeing those upper and lower wings!
The beautifully restored 1929 Ford Tri-Motor flying over the grass strip. With it's three loud engines, it's hard to miss the "tin Goose". Click here for the history of this plane and more pictures. trimotor3

By far my favorite plane - a 1929 Travel Air 4000.  I love biplanes, and flying in this one is a blast! It's noisy, and windy, and every minute is enjoyable. I first flew in this plane in 1996, and try to fly in it a couple times each summer. Click here for a page of photos. ta2